17 February 2015

National Exit Poll: 2014 Parliamentary Elections

From presented publication you will be able to get to know about the peculiarities of voters of different political forces and candidates, the dynamics of electoral choice and a lot of other interesting things.

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22 August 2014

National Exit Poll: 2014 Presidential Elections

In a published book "National Exit Poll: 2014 Presidential Elections", you can find articles, devoted to methodology of research, analysis of different presidential candidates' electorate, and dynamics of electoral choice. Book also presents chronology of the Natioanl exit poll in Ukraine and lots of other interesting materials.

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12 July 2012

Making ukrainian civil society matter

• Iryna Bekeshkina, • Piotr Ka?mierkiewicz. As Ukraine’s democratic standards continue to deteriorate, Ukrainian civil society is in need of external support to ensure that it remains vibrant and diverse. International donors may help make the NGO sector sustainable by reaching out to grass-roots initiatives as well as by providing institutional funding to established and growing organizations. Such are the key conclusions of the present report which was prepared jointly by the Institute of Public Affairs in Warsaw and the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation on the basis of interviews with leaders of non-governmental organizations in five cities of Ukraine. The report offers a number of evidence-based recommendations, which include lowering application barriers, offering staff training and coaching and increasing transparency in beneficiaries' internal management. Such changes are essential for international assistance to be an effective tool for making the Ukrainian civil society a strong and lasting foundation of Ukrainian democratic culture.

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5 June 2006

Ukraine’s Place in NATO: A survey of expert opinion

Ukraine's Place in NATO: Expert Survey Results is a 252 page publication is divided into six parts. The first is an Introduction of the NATO expert opinion survey from DIF Director Ilko Kucheriv. This is followed by a Summary of the sixty-nine sets of responses gathered from a field of domestic and international experts. A full List of experts is provided as are their individual Responses to each of the five major questions posed in the survey.

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19 February 2005

Natalya Panina. Ukrainian Society 1994-2005: Sociological Monitoring

This book contains the results of yearly monitoring polls conducted in 1994-2005. The results of these polls demonstrate changes of social indicators reflecting current state of the Ukrainian society in the different fields of life. Presented materials may be useful to sociologists, political scientists, publicists, law professionals, and also to all the readers who are interested in changes of public opinion and mass consciousness of Ukrainian population.

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17 May 2005

Ukrainian Society 1994–2004: Sociological Monitoring

This publication presents comparative data from eleven national public opinion polls conducted between 1994 and 2004 by the Institute of Sociology (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine) with the assistance of the Democratic Initiatives Foundation and the Socis Center for Social and Political Research. The publication tracks the changes that have occurred in public opinion concerning a variety of social issues in Ukraine. This publication is intended for scholars, journalists, public policy professionals and others interested in the social changes occurring in Ukraine.

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