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3 March 2016

UKRAINE: two years after Maidan

As a result of mass protests known as Euromaidan or Revolution of Dignity, corrupt and criminal President Yanukovych was removed from power. The country returned to the 2004 constitutional reform which prevents monopolization of power. The 2014-15 presidential, parliamentary and local elections were recognized by the international community as free and fair. Association agreement with the EU was signed and ratified. However, Russia’s annexation of Crimea and intervention in Donbas, the influence of oligarchs and corruption destabilizes economic and political situation and makes the path of reforms extremely contradictory. The vibrant civil society is making pressure to speed up reforms.

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20 November 2013

European integration of Ukraine: experience of yesterday for development of tomorrow

New issue of "Public Opinion", especially important in the light of approaching Vilnius summit. What should we understand from the past in order to buid successful future of the European integration of Ukraine? What aspects of public opinion about European integration are the most important for EU-Ukraine relations after the Vilnius summit? How do people percieve the European integration? What are positive and negative expactations from integration into the EU? What prevents Ukraine from further integration? And "after Vilnius" issue: what will be after the summit?

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23 October 2013

DEMOCRACY UKRAINIAN-STYLE: Citizens Value It the Most When It Is Lacking

In the new issue of "Public Opinion" public view on the statement of democracy in Ukraine is analyzed.

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2 November 2012

СВОБОДА СЛОВА: між Конституцією і реальністю

Про стан свободи слова в очах експертів - читайте в черговому випуску інформаційно-аналітичного видання "Громадська думка".

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